"the Larell one step dentures have been an invaluable service for our patients. One of the major advantages of the Larell dentures is that complete upper and lower dentures can be fabricated for almost any denture patient in as little as an hour in just one appointment....I am myself often in disbelief when I finish a Larell One Step Denture and feel tight, powerful suction to the patient's jaw ridge-a result which I find to be superior to that of conventional dentures..."

Dr N. Becker - Colorado

"I have been using the system in my office...and have been very pleased. People love the convenience of a single visit, especially when an excellent fit and beautiful aesthetics are the result...I hardly have to provide any adjustments once I deliver these dentures, and that saves time and money..."

Dr B. Bullen - Colorado

"This technique has eased my stress levels adn increased my production significantly. Patients love the dentures they get in one hour..."

Dr R. Jackson - New York

"The Larell Denture system an economical alternative for patients who cannot afford custom made dentures, patients who have lost or broken their dentures...and for immediate dentures."

Gordon Christensen CR Reports

"I want to thank you for developing this system as it enabled me to a part of changing lives...Thanks again for a wonderful technique and product.

Dr R. Lunt - Oregon