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The Larell One Step Denture

The Larell Template

  • Complete Dentures
  • Immediate Dentures
  • Emergency Dentures

The Larell Overdenture Template

  • Immediate overdenture template for removable dentures
  • Immediate fixed/provisional templates

The core product is the thermoplastic based Larell One Step Denture template.  It is formed of a thermoplastic polymethylmethacrolate acrylic (PMMA).  It is in the shape of a denture.  The teeth are preset individually in a classic arch form.  Extensive research was done, measuring over 3000 edentulous arch models, resulting in five sizes of templates to fit almost all patients.

The Larell One Step Denture has three US Patents issued on the unique process.  The initial kit is comprised of ten thermoplastic denture bases, one set of upper and lower of each of the five sizes.  The sizes of the bases were determined through extensive measurements of edentulous models to be able to fit almost every patient.  The materials are all FDA approved and manufactured by a large well known US dental manufacturing laboratory.  The teeth are available in two shades, B-1 and A-2. 

Scientific prosthodontic principles were used to develop each measurement.   Monoplane teeth are utilized to create a balance of chewing comfort and comfortable use.  There are three posterior teeth in each quadrant, one premolar and two molars.  This provides sufficient occlusion for chewing and helps to retain the lower denture.  The size of the anterior teeth is matched to the size of the denture base for the most pleasing esthetics.  The teeth are a universal mold to match most facial shapes.

The kit contains a professional package of hard reline material, soft reline material, tinting concentrate, a boiling pot, and occlusal plane plate.   There is also a bottle of tinting concentrate to customize the gingival color for patients with a darker skin tone.  Written instructions and a training webinar on CD are also included.  The training webinar is available online (add hyper link)

An implant overdenture kit will be available soon.  It contains all of the necessary items to be able to create a full set of dentures, retained by immediate load implants, in a single visit of about two hours.  After placement of the implants the dentures can be fabricated at that time for a true one visit solution.  The overdenture template can also be utilized as a provisional fixed denture, worn during implant integration 


The Larell One Step Denture Kit


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