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Welcome to Larell One Step Denture
A significant BREAKTHROUGH in how dentures are made

Imagine being able to consult, design and deliver fully functional dentures to your patients in about an hour. Impossible? ...not any more!

The Larell One Step Denture System changes everything!

Functional, esthetic dentures can now be made in ONE visit, in about ONE hour with no laboratory cost or extra time needed. Larell has designed the only ONE step denture and it is an amazing, efficient and predictable way to create a quality denture and a fully satisfied patient!

Larell has completely eliminated the need for a lab. The Larell denture allows you to actually reduce your fees to accommodate the denture patient who is likely not seeking treatment because of social and economic reasons and in turn allows you to charge less but bill significantly higher for your hour of chair time. Its a win/win situation for you and your patients and is a significant practice and revenue builder.

Over 37 million people in the US wear dentures with 2-3 million more needing them each year. More alarming than that is that most edentulous patients cannot seek treatment due to the average, current dental fees. At the same time the dental office has a difficult time being able to treat these patients because of multiple visits requiring hours of chair time and excessive lab bills to create the dentures.

Larell has completely solved this problem and is now a ONE step solution for your edentulous patient. Please look through the site to LEARN more about Larell and open up an exciting new world of denture treatment!



CDA Cares free dental clinic sponsored by The California Dental Association will be held in San Bernadino September 27, 28. We will be offering complete dentures at that clinic

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