Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

QHow can this denture be made in one hour?

A.  The  process combines the first four visits into the patented Larell template.  The custom tray, wax rim, wax try in and impression makes the fabrication easily completed in about an hour.

QAre the teeth customizable for a specific patient?

A.  The teeth are individually set for easy customization and naturalization.  Minor movement is done tooth by tooth, larger movement is done segmentally.

QHow many tooth shades are available?

A.  The templates are available with either shade B-1 or A-2.  These shades comprise about 80% of all dentures made.

QHow do you establish vertical dimension accurately?

A.  The classic method is used.  Have the patient stand, swallow twice and relax the mouth.  Place a dot on the nose and on the chin and measure.  When the lower denture is relined (after the upper is made first) the patient bites down to the measurement plus two mm for freeway space.

QIs there an issue with delamination of the reline material from the template?

A.  The Larell dentures have been in use for over 10 years.  Pull apart and torsion stress testing was done extensively.  The bond between the thermoplastic template and the reline material is actually stronger than the standard reline to a conventional denture.

Q What if I make a mistake?  Can it be redone or do I have to throw it away?

A.  Prior to reline, the template can be manipulated multiple times.  There is no memory to the thermoplastic.  After the denture is relined, the reline material can be reduced or relined and the reline process repeated.

QCan the gingival color be changed to a Meharry shade?

A.  Yes.  Tinting concentrate is added to the reline mix to darken the material.  This shows through the translucent template to create a darker natural shade of gingiva.

QCan you mix and match the different sizes of templates for upper and lower?

A.  Yes.  The Zero degree (monoplane) occlusion allows for easy interchange between different upper and lower sizes.

QCan I order individual templates or do they need to be ordered in sets?

A.  it is advisable to have the full array of templates available to start.  Reorders are individual and not limited to sets.

Q, How will I know if I have everything I need to make the dentures.

A. A complete supply list is available with every item needed.  Most are already in your office.  The kit contains the templates, reline material, occlusal plane plate, tinting concentrate and boiling pot.










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