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Now you can smile with confidence, eat most foods, and feel better about socializing.

The Larell One Step Denture is a BREAKTHROUGH in the way dentures are made. Instead of 4 or 5 visits over many weeks you can now have your dentures in a single ONE hour visit…all at less than half the cost of regular dentures*.

Research has shown that wearing dentures will make you healthier. Having a more complete diet lowers your risk of many chronic conditions, helps battle obesity and diabetes, and even gives you a better outlook on life.

Don’t wait two months to get your dentures. Ask your dentist about The Larell One Step Denture System now.

Our new website will be under construction soon and will have a list of the dentists nationwide who are providing the Larell One Step Denture. Check back in a few weeks.

*The average cost of dentures in the US is over $3000.00 (NDAS 2012 Dental Fee Report)


The Larell One Step Denture is available across North America. Ask your dentist or denturist if they are using the Larell denture system. If not, have them contact us to become a Larell One Step Denture certified provider.

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