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About Us
Lawrence N Wallace DDS - Developer of the Larell One Step Denture
* Graduate of the University of Illinois College of Dentistry
* Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
* Consultant to the medical industry

The Larell One Step Denture was developed in 2003 when a great need was seen for a cost effective way to provide dentures to those who need them. The focus was on a denture that was affordable for the patient and profitable for the dentist.

With seven years of development and refinement, the Larell denture system is now providing comfortable functional and esthetic dentures for thousands of people nationwide.

Larell has grown to include numerous dental professionals throughout North America with extensive clinical and laboratory experience in fabricating dentures, dentures over implants and immediate denture placement and surgery.

We can help you in all aspects and areas of removable prosthetic clinical and laboratory procedures


The Larell One Step Denture is used by the Veterans Administration in some of its hospitals and nursing homes. Missions of Mercy and Remote Area Medical are adopting the technique into their clinics to provide dentures to their under-served communities. Dental office use is increasing rapidly.

Larell is being used in remote dental missions and servicing a population of patients who have never had access to this treatment and denture procedures before, including Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica and others.

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